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The Vision

At Trinity Cards we are extremely passionate to see more cringe-free, good quality Christian encouragement cards in the market that are seen as inoffensive by those who do not know much about the Christian faith, while still providing an opportunity for them to explore and find out more about it.

In our personal experience we have often found that we pause while choosing a greeting card to send a friend or family member as we try to decide whether or not to send them a Christian card.  We want to encourage them with a Christian message but often feel that they may find a scripture or overtly Christian phrase offensive.

The Christian greeting card range that we have produced has been carefully designed to offer a good quality card with positive, encouraging messages on the front and inside, as well as providing further Christian encouragement and reference to a Christian signposting website www.christianinfo.uk on the back of the card.

The signposting website provides an insight into the Christian faith and snippets of information as to what they can explore on other Christian websites, allowing people the opportunity to explore the Christian faith either online or face to face.

Our vision is to see our range of Christian encouragement cards being sent to both Christians and those who do not follow the Christian faith, at times when a bit of encouragement is needed.

Although nowadays a message of encouragement can be quickly sent by email, text or social media, we still believe that a handwritten message is often more appreciated and valued by the receiver, and may encourage them to explore the faith if they are in a place to do so.