Our Vision

Our Vision

At Trinity Cards we are extremely passionate to see more cringe-free, good quality Christian encouragement cards in the market that are seen as inoffensive by those who do not know much about the Christian faith, while still providing an opportunity for them to explore and find out more about it.

In our personal experience we have often found that we often pause while choosing a greeting card to send a friend or family member as we try to decide whether or not to send them a card with a direct scripture or Christian phrase on it.  Wanting to encourage them with a Christian message but sometimes feeling concerned that may find a scripture or overtly Christian phrase offensive in some way, which could sometimes create additional barriers.

Each of the Christian encouragement cards that we have produced have been carefully designed to offer a good quality card with positive, encouraging messages on the front and inside, as well as providing further Christian encouragement and reference to a Christian signposting website www.christianinfo.uk on the back of the card.

Whilst we never want to discourage the sending of other Christian encouragement cards with written scriptures and direct Christian messages, our vision is to ensure that there is an alternative in the market to just secular cards with no Christian influence or opportunity.

With all this in mind, our vision is simply to see our range of Christian encouragement cards being sent especially to those who do not follow the Christian faith, at times when a bit of encouragement is needed, and provide them an opportunity of exploring the Christian faith if they are in a place to do so.

We understand that it is also easy nowadays to send a quick message of encouragement by email, text or social media, but we still believe that a handwritten message is often more appreciated and valued by the receiver, which in turn could provide a great setting of them wanting to explore the faith further. 

So why the back of the card?

At first it came as a small though dropped into one of our team’s minds.  It may seem strange but the more we prayed about it the more it felt right to use the rear of the card.

At first we thought no one looks at the rear of the card, this is just for barcodes and fine details of the manufactures.  However as we started to watch people in shops in their card selection process, we noticed that often a quick glance at the rear of the card was taking place.  Perhaps just to check that they are not missing out on some valuable information, I guess much the same as we double check that envelope when we receive a card just in case there happened to be some money that had fallen out!

We continued our observation and started paying attention to people when they received greeting cards.  Many of them after reading the front of the card and inside often turned and looked at the rear of the card.

We also started to notice that the rear of the greeting cards were being used more and more by other companies and especially charities, to provide in-depth information about the background of the design or information about ones vision or charitable purpose.

It was at this point we decided to test out our range of Christian encouragement cards discreetly within the team’s network of their own friends and family, using the rear of the card for the Christian content.  The results were positive with at least half of those observed reading the messages on the rear of the card and with no negative comments coming back from any that did not follow the Christian faith.

We decided to extend this across the whole range of Christian encouragement cards concluding that God can and will if wants to direct individuals to these messages if he chose and the rest you could say is history!

The Christian signposting website – www.christianinfo.uk

After a lot of searching on the internet our team found it difficult to find a single resource that we could detail on our Christian encouragement cards which had the sole purpose of directing people to good resources to find out more about the Christian faith.

Understanding that people will come from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and past experiences and encounters and a lot with differing views and understandings of Christianity we knew it was important to get this step right.

We decided as a team to put together a simple site ourselves, which would be used as an information and signposting website, tapping into a lot of other great Christian resources out there to help each individual on their journey of exploring the faith.

The Christian signposting website therefore has been designed to provide an initial insight into the Christian faith and snippets of information as to what they can explore on other Christian websites, allowing people the opportunity to explore the Christian faith either online or face to face.

Do check out the website at  www.christianinfo.uk

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